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"obey Crochet" crochet craft charity

Crochet will change the world. I realized that as much as we, we meaning Hookers, tend to shuffle off to our caves completely content with yarn in hand and hook in the other, there are a lot of people doing some very incredibly good things with the knots they conjure. If you look in the side bar to the right (you’re other right) you’ll see a little pinned note of a few charities that have caught my eye: Krochet Kids, As Far As Eye Can See, Thinking of Japan While Knitting. The list is small, but I’m sure we can thaw out our supposedly existing hearts and either help the cause or share our own.

If you know of any charities involving crochet, please do share the goodness and earn your being some good old fashion karma.

PS: Hooktopia ain’t going to grow without you. How’s a proud enough hooker to represent!

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