August 6th, 2012 § 1 Comment

"obey crochet" craft longhorn drawing doodle

This is what I think of every time I hear “Hook ’em horns!” and being from Texas you hear (and see) it quite a lot. I would much prefer a group of retired steers fiddlin’ with yarn and making horn cozies.


October 31st, 2011 § 2 Comments

"obey crochet" crochet yarnbombing

What is this crazy person trying to ninja off with?! An Obey Crochet Yarnbombing Kit! Say. What. You can breathe now. Okay, I am not hooking your yarny creations for you, period. Think of this kit more as your monkey assistant in your crafty vandalism. Yes, monkey. Craft monkey. Crochet craft monkey at large. Zip ties, stat! Crochet mask to conceal identity, stat! Rub on tat and button in case I get caught and at least the jail photo will be a bit more bad arse. (Please send me any of those photos please. Please!)

"obey crochet" yarnbombing crochet kit free

What is this for and where can I get it? First of all: it’s free. You know I like that word. Mega like. Austin Craft Riot (formerly Etsy Austin) is having a Holiday Show of handmade crafty goodness November 12th & 13th and over the two day craftacular event the first few folks to get through the doors with receive free good bags. My two favorite does, Hola Dear Deer have chipped in some free goodies as well and Farmecologie is in as well. I got my hook to the ground people, but you’ll have to go to see what’s up! Word on the street there are 50 bags! You may have to beat me there because I tackle for free awesomeness. I tackle hard. Channel some early bird vibes and get some goods!

To recap: Austin Craft Riot – Austin, TX – Nov 12th & 13th- Crafty Goodies – Free – GET SOME!

I have been working hard. Drawing will commence as usual soon.

Stay Crochet,


P.S. Halloween awesomeness will also be shared!


June 29th, 2011 § 2 Comments

This hooker does not mess around. If you read the story page of this site, this is the project I was referring to. In H-Town, Tejas we have a little, big, awesome thing called The Art Car Parade (google it’s amazingness at your leisure). IKEA (no need to link to them, they probably take a large portion of your income every year via five dollar increments) did a project called Art Couch and your’s truly was priviledged to be apart of the event. My project was a focus on fungi (ha, ha). I admit though, my crochet skills are so, so. I am all over that magic ring stuff, but still learning different stitches (bought a new book this past weekend, what?! what?!) but for someone who learned on YouTube, I’m not doing that bad. The thing about me is if I am taking on a challenge, it’s on. That and I have constant hardcore crafting obsessions that blossom and overflow all over the apartment. More is more.

Hook on, homies, hook on,

Hooky McHookface


Last photo credit goes to Erika Garcia Del Valle

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