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"obey crochet" drawing doodle

Don’t worry, this guy is totally nice. And yes, the hand writing is a bit off center. Refrain from leaving snippy comments. That’s my job.


September 26th, 2011 § 5 Comments

"obey crochet" crochet craft drawing skein yarn
I turn up the Skinny Puppy and dream of my future craft band/gang/crew, Skeinny Puppy. I have it all planned, due to my anal retentive nature. Then the thought of people and being in public and socializing kind of freaks me out (by “kind of”, I mean “completely”) so I check all the locks, huddle up in my crafty corner alone, and resume my normal breathing pattern. It may seem far fetched, but a hook can dabble in the common activity of “dreaming”. Skeinny Puppy would be intense. Mega intense.

I can’t show most of their videos for fear of someone possibly loosing their breakfast onto their keyboard, blowing up their computer, and blaming me. It happens.


September 25th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

"obey crochet" crochet drawing

Nothing but! The innards of the pure building blocks of a hardcore hooker. Get with it.

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