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The enthusiasm of knitters is great, yet the bitterness of my stubborn heart is far greater. Alas, I have the joy now of not only explaining, “Yes, I crochet. No, I don’t knit. At all.”, can now be followed by, “Here have a button, a rub on tattoo, and check out the blog. That will explain it all.”

obey crochet hook hooker craft

I wish you well as you hook on and your ferver for crochet grows with every stitch you make.

Hook on, Hookers, hook on.

P.S. Hooktopia is not going to fill itself, crafters!┬áIt is my fault for not pushing it more, but now I will be buggin’ you incessantly about it. Prepare to be annoyed. Well, slightly at least. Show your hooker pride! Email me your photos at hooker @ obeycrochet.com. Now.

hooky "obey crochet" craft yarn

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