September 16th, 2011 § 1 Comment

"obey crochet" "stephanie toppin" drawing

In hooker news, tunisian crochet has been the choice of buzz words this week. You can learn about this knit-equse not knitting, kind of like but sorta not really, mixed offspring technique here, but warning: you will probably need to explain yourself amongst skeptical hooker coherts. Read and know your craft peoples. Keep your hesitants as bay, I’ve checked ahead, it’s legit, but those double hooks are freaky though.


September 8th, 2011 § 10 Comments

"obey crochet" doodle drawing hooker hook craft

Today, I vent, so if you choose to read some non-whining, go somwhere else. If you tend to be bitter or that friend who instigates and encourages anger, read on and comment too. I really believe in crochet, I do. I have lots of hobbies and I love craft but never have I met a people who are so second place. I am talking to you fellow hooker. Again and again and yes, you guessed it, today while at the craft store I shop at almost every day, someone looks over,

“Oh, my! So much yarn! What are you making?”

“A monster. One with big feet I think. Really excited.”

“I’ve always wanted to learn to knit!”

“Oh, I don’t knit. I crochet.”

[blank stare]

“It uses a hook instead of knitting needles to craft yarn into all sorts of things.”

“I’ve never heard of that. Could you teach someone to knit?”

“I don’t knit.”

“Oh not at all. Okay. Do they have those hooks here?”

“Yes. Crochet hooks are at all the craft stores. They are right over there.”

“Oh wow, very interesting. Crochet.”

“You should try it. I learned from YouTube.”

“I really want to learn to knit first I think. When are you going to learn knitting?”

[Insert silence here.]

“Here have a button. It’s a hooker thing.”

Maybe I am over reacting just because I have had that conversation about 1,000 times. No I don’t have any knitting plans and that is just fine. I apologize on behalf of all the blank stares you have gotten and all the ones you will receive, but stay strong. We are all crafted equally. One day they will know, one day they will all know.


August 27th, 2011 § 2 Comments

"obey crochet" obey crochet doodle drawing stephanie toppin

Seems like a lot of work for a circle. I do circles all the time. All. The. Time.


Correction: You would need 4 double pointed needles or one circular knitting needle which at that point, just get yourself a crochet hook. I not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.


August 11th, 2011 § 1 Comment

obey crochet

What will you do without each other? No, really, what will you do? What can one needle make? Back scratcher? Poking stick?


August 3rd, 2011 § 1 Comment

obey crochet craft stephanie toppin

Exhibit A: Why I am a loner. This hook flies solo compadre. So-lo. One is the awesomest number.


July 25th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

obey crochet drawing doodle hooker hook needle cans talkin

If you have a problem with cardboard boxes, well, that makes two of us. Moved this weekend, but still got a doodle in with the lovely addition of the backdrop. I’ll unpack next millennium.

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