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obey crochet craft drawing

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you something.”

At times, a lot of time actually, a ray of sunshine I am not. Not that my life is particularyly terrible but I am not the following type of person:

A morning person

A wait in long line person

A sit in traffic person

A chatty person

A hang out in your cubicle person

An  athletic person

A perky person

A people person

The list goes on, but today I will spare you. I am not at all terrible (in my opinion) I just love and cherish my space. I come around, but it takes time. I am actually quite awesome and completely corny, but my pre-coffee 8am self could shoot the “Happy Monday!!!” person in the face. We all have our moments, perhaps I have more, but I like it and it is no where on the agenda to change. I’ll raise a hook and a cup of joe: Here’s to crabby mornings and the wonderful invention of headphones!

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