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Thank you to everyone who left a comment awhile back for the reversible oversized upcycled handmade tote from Hola Dear Deer***. Bethany, calling, Bethany, this goes out to Bethany, you are number 1 in apparently many ways, send me a email with your address so I can mail this sucker off, it is collecting dust, to hooker @ Thanks again and gracias to the dynamic deer duo.


***Unfortunately the winner never came forward and a new winner needed to be choosen. Sorry Sherry, whereever you are.


November 28th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

I’m back from the food coma and here we are at the close of the giveaway. The bag of yarn with a tote of handmade deer love goes to Sherry who commented about her favorite Obey doodle:

“Fondle You. I can imagine roaming thru yarn with my fingers. Ooooh, aaaah!”

Woah. Thanks for keeping it G, kinda.

"obey crochet" crochet craft yarn

Sherry please email me hooker @ and a million thanks to Hola Dear Deer! Gracias homies!

P.S. If you happen to be in Houston Dec 11th, meet the deer squared at the Bizzare Market on Main and yes, I will be crafting it up there, too.  What?! I’m generous with the rub on tattoos!


November 22nd, 2011 § 23 Comments

obey crochet

I may not be a “people person”, but here is a tip-ola: if you are going to attempt to associate with other persons, it’s a mega bonus if they happen to be some crafty bastards.

Exhibit A: Hola Dear Deer

This doe duo are a pair of sister stitchers who chant “straight lines are for squares” while toiling away at their sewing machines to conjure up business card holders, pouches, totes, and what ever else the fabric (vintage!) so desires. They’ve helped in crafting Obey Crochet yarnbombing kits, proudly sported rub on tattoos (hello hook universe, they are still available!) for the Obey cause, and I am glad to call them homies. AND one of them hooks in her spare time! Quite the pair, quite the pair, indeed.

These dear deers have started out in a crafty Etsyian adventure and have so generously given me a handmade goodie to help a hooker out. You can also follow some deer family escapades here. Did you say FREE?! Yes. Why, yes, I did.

 hola dear deer "obey crochet"

Word on the street is stripes are sexy.


"obey crochet" "hola dear deer"

It’s a large, lined canvas tote made with vintage fabric and sturdy enough to stuff with all your hooks and a ton o’ yarn.

 "obey crochet" hola dear deer

FYI, I love me some hookers, but I could have soooo easily kept this. E-A-S-I-L-Y. Instead, because I am super wicked ninja cool (and because I don’t want a hoof to the head from those deer), I went out, bought a butt load o’ yarn, and am giving it to you.

Why would I do this?! Wait, why am I doing this? Oh, yeah, to support the hooker cause, my crafty crusaders. The holidays have folks spending money on things that are un-crochet and in the midst of the madness I am pushing back, bulking your stash up and asking you to get on that amigurumi, granny square, potholder, monster, blanket project you have been putting off. Get hookin’!


Leave a comment and tell me what’s your favorite Obey Crochet Comic so far. You can browse the selection here and here. A winner will be chosen Monday, the 28th, in the morn (I live in Texas!) after the turket slaughtering.

P.S. This blog remains sponsor free, powered by a single hook, a cubicle job, and the crazed love o’ crochet.

P.P.S. If you are disappointed I am not giving away deer, well I guess I can understand that but I heard they poop a lot.

Gracias Hola Dear Deer! Crochet all day, every day.


November 16th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

"obey crochet" crochet craft hook drawing

All the things I need to survive on a daily basis. This was actually drawn in desperation due to the fact that I forgot my headphones at home this week. Apparently that is grounds for encouraging strangers to start conversations with you. Geez. The rage took over for sometime. I finally got that vein to go back in my forehead. On a sidenote: If you like big totes and you can not lie, look out for a giveaway soon. You like free right? I got you something for Christmas then. I know. I’m awesome. Here is a hint, these crafty lady deers made it.


September 8th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

"obey crochet" "screen saver" drawing winning print

It hit 10 pm and here we are and yes I take every possible opportunity to show off my screen saver. Deal. Be jealous.

The Random Number Generator says: 3

3 means Megan, @love_evol on Twitter. Email me Megan so I can mail you your wikkid, cool, chuffed, brutal, stupendous, baller, fantastic, frackful, epic, hip hop happenin’ print. Send me a picola when you get it up! And danke to all the crafty fools on Facebook for expanding my vocab. Word.

If you got beef, feel jipped, or complete outrage, make sure to not email me and take it up with the folks. If you still feel hurt, stick around. National Crochet Day (Sept 12th) is just around the corner and I gots plans. Oh, yes, plans. Plans of great and utter proportion that I am know hyping up to possibly result in some form of disappointment, therefore, I shut up.

Congrats Megan! Stay hooker!


August 31st, 2011 § 18 Comments

animation maker
Animation maker

Would you like something free? Yes. Do you like crochet? Yes. Do you like free crochet related things? Of course. Where are you going with this? You’re rambling. Okay. Leave a comment below by 10pm (Texas time!) on Wednesday September 7th and I will use one of those fancy random number generator thingys and pick a winner. Ramble, rant, rave, tell me what you would do to Edward (keep it PG-13) or how much you loooooooove crochet (I do.). Oh, yeah, the prize. The prize is a print (7.5″ x 5.5″ cardstock) of the drawing below. And all you have to do is LEAVE A COMMENT. That is all. Oh, yeah, and then if you win I will need your address. No, I am not going to visit you, I am going to mail your prize. No, I don’t need stamps, but thank you for asking. Why do I want to give you things? Because I am awesome. How dare you even ask. HOOKERS RULE!obey crochet "obey crochet" hooker craft drawing

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