June 29th, 2011 § 2 Comments

This hooker does not mess around. If you read the story page of this site, this is the project I was referring to. In H-Town, Tejas we have a little, big, awesome thing called The Art Car Parade (google it’s amazingness at your leisure). IKEA (no need to link to them, they probably take a large portion of your income every year via five dollar increments) did a project called Art Couch and your’s truly was priviledged to be apart of the event. My project was a focus on fungi (ha, ha). I admit though, my crochet skills are so, so. I am all over that magic ring stuff, but still learning different stitches (bought a new book this past weekend, what?! what?!) but for someone who learned on YouTube, I’m not doing that bad. The thing about me is if I am taking on a challenge, it’s on. That and I have constant hardcore crafting obsessions that blossom and overflow all over the apartment. More is more.

Hook on, homies, hook on,

Hooky McHookface


Last photo credit goes to Erika Garcia Del Valle

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