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march april 2012 obey crochet

Thank you Crochet Today! for featuring one of my bags and doing a little write up in the March/April issue which will be on stands February 8th. Obey Crochet is not even one yet, but I am thrilled so many hook heads have been enjoying it. I’ve been trying to answer emails and please be patient, I am a one hook show, but I do like to read your messages and it fills this cold hearted hook with crochet pride.

page 8 2012 obey crochet

I don’t really know what to say besides thank you, thank you, thank you so check it out for yourself on page 8. Get your bag here and peruse the rest of the merchandise, I’ll be working on the shop all this week. I definitely still have plans and doodle ideas so check back and see what’s hookin’ here.

Excuse me, but I have to call my mom. Time to tell her about what I do in my spare time.

magazine 2012 craft

Stay Crochet,

Stephanie Toppin & Hooky McHookface




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"obey crochet" crochet craft hook drawing

All the things I need to survive on a daily basis. This was actually drawn in desperation due to the fact that I forgot my headphones at home this week. Apparently that is grounds for encouraging strangers to start conversations with you. Geez.┬áThe rage took over for sometime. I finally got that vein to go back in my forehead. On a sidenote: If you like big totes and you can not lie, look out for a giveaway soon. You like free right? I got you something for Christmas then. I know. I’m awesome. Here is a hint, these crafty lady deers┬ámade it.

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