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obey crochet button badge pin collection

I prefer your button over a business card any day.

1. Berkley Illustration 2. Pixel Party 3. BabyBolt 4. Houston Roller Derby 5. Who are you number 5?! Who are you? I know you were at Renegade Craft… 6. I saw the Shadowsphere!!! I did. 7. Yppah 8. Random off the street find 9. Crab Apple Designs 10. The Vagina Monologue (Local UofH performance) 11. Studio Erico 12. One Up Designs 13. My brief but awesome Montessori teaching days 14. Bonobo 15. The Nerd Garage Sale by The Joanna Art Group 16. Just a button I have, it’s old. Wait, I think it’s from fredflare

And me! Oh, snap! Buttons are still free until August 1st. Get some!

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