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obey crochet drawing

Oh, this torrid love affair. Yes, I may be bitter, sour, and quite the wet rag?…damp cloth?…soaked blanket?…wet blanket! yes, the drenched blanket, and yet with all those things (and variations of) I may be, nothing soothes me like the hook and the yarn. Buy supplies, contemplating and conjuring a new idea, wresting that yarn. I. Am. A. Hooker. Through and through. Until this little hook can’t hook no more. So what are you in the middle of with crochet? Don’t give up my crafty comrade. Hook on!


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obey crochet craft drawing comic

I know this hard lean body is difficult for you to take in all at once, but there are few athletics I venture to participate in. One gets me every time. Ah, the hair raising sport of yarn fishing. Hook, line, and sinker…uh, well stitcher.

18/30: HOMEBOY

March 2nd, 2012 § 2 Comments

obey crochet drawing

Whilst showering this morn, I caught myself dozing off under the stream of hot water. You know what that means?! I’ve been working overtime! Super late on all kinds of goodness and updates I will share soon. Yes. That means not now, that means soon. That will be a hint to look out for something in the near future. Near, not distant, so you should feel good about that, yet our ideas about near and distant might differ. That sucks.

Yes. I am rambling. I need sleep. Editing is for suckers.

Anywho, I’ve been wanting to do this one for awhile. So this goes out too all my hook homies out on the Interwebs. What?!

Sorry, I dozed off, again. [slaps self]

ALLLLSSSSSOOOOOO, I want to thank everyone for the emails! Thanks for finding me in Crochet Today! and sending a holler. It warms this little ice heart o’mine.

Stay Crochet,


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