June 19th, 2012 § 2 Comments

Well, it was. May 14th to be specific and official in case you feel to moved to make a plaque, no pressure. None. [cough]

obey crochet craft yarn one year anniversary happy

It all happened within a night, just over a year ago with a simple little doodle. Time flies when you’re whining about feeling second place. As much as this is a congrats to myself (proceed with pat on back) it all would not be this enjoyable without your shared frustration, witty comments, and incredibly kind emails. Really, thank you. And before this gets massively, too mushy, stick around, there’s more to come and always, always stay crochet!

Stephanie (The Hands) & Hooky (The Muse)

P.S. Really, thanks for hanging out and having fun ūüôā



March 28th, 2012 § 3 Comments

Tax season is nigh and after some calculations and reveiwing this year’s cost, I have decided to add a donation button to the this website.

That is a good thing. It is a good thing because I had no idea this website would be so popular, that people find my corniness funny, and that free buttons are really, really popular. Really. But, I am still here, ready and more than willing to spread the crochet love.

So how much does it cost?

I will only do this annually, so sorry to bug, but here is the break down of cost. Yep, below is the bill…

What I do here, I offer on the daily for free. My biggest cost next to hosting is really postage, but I have not gotten all my receipts back, I am sure it is over $100.00 easy. I have kept the cost this low because I maintain and update the site personally. No smoke and mirrors folks, all Googling and coding.

So why keep doing it? Why keep drawing?

For the love of the hook. Duh. Why are you here?!

Why not get sponsors to advertise on the site?

This is a personal choice. No dis to folks who have ads, I can understand why you do, but for me, I would prefer not to. When you come here, this is for Obey Crochet. Not Yarn Barn (hey, that would be a catchy name) or Suzy Hook Face. It is simply for the joy and love of the hook and I would like to keep it that way. Nothing more. Nothing less. And I would not feel right backing a product that I could be running a llama-cat breeding facility in Antarctica. Wait. That would be awesome.

Why should we the people give you moola?

Have I given you a button? How about covering your postage? Have I given you a tattoo? How about giving $0.50 for the simple joy it brought to your life. How about paying me for a cup of coffee to keep me going at 2 a.m. just because I want to crack up my crochet peeps? Huh?

Down to the nitty gritty! Where is this donation button located?

Glad you asked and thank you in advanced! The donation button is located in the sidebar to the right allllll the waaaaay dooooown at the bottom of the page. Why so low? I did not want to be too in your face. No one likes begging. It’s there if you need it and you shouldn’t have to feel super guilty every time you come to the site to check out the free goods. And it is yellow. We like black and white here. Also if you donate, you get to see this awesome message and get a warm pudding feeling inside. I promise.

obey crochet craft

Thanks for the minute. Now back to the doodles!

Crochet all the way!

18/30: HOMEBOY

March 2nd, 2012 § 2 Comments

obey crochet drawing

Whilst showering this morn, I caught myself dozing off under the stream of hot water. You know what that means?! I’ve been working overtime! Super late on all kinds of goodness and updates I will share soon. Yes. That means not now, that means soon. That will be a hint to look out for something in the near future. Near, not distant, so you should feel good about that, yet our ideas about near and distant might differ. That sucks.

Yes. I am rambling. I need sleep. Editing is for suckers.

Anywho, I’ve been wanting to do this one for awhile. So this goes out too all my hook homies out on the Interwebs. What?!

Sorry, I dozed off, again. [slaps self]

ALLLLSSSSSOOOOOO, I want to thank everyone for the emails! Thanks for finding me in Crochet Today! and sending a holler. It warms this little ice heart o’mine.

Stay Crochet,



February 7th, 2012 § Leave a Comment


march april 2012 obey crochet

Thank you Crochet Today! for featuring one of my bags and doing a little write up in the March/April issue which will be on stands February 8th. Obey Crochet is not even one yet, but I am thrilled so many hook heads have been enjoying it. I’ve been trying to answer emails and please be patient, I am a one hook show, but I do like to read your messages and it fills this cold hearted hook with crochet pride.

page 8 2012 obey crochet

I don’t really know what to say besides thank you, thank you, thank you so check it out for yourself on page 8. Get your bag here and peruse the rest of the merchandise, I’ll be working on the shop all this week. I definitely still have plans and doodle ideas so check back and see what’s hookin’ here.

Excuse me, but I have to call my mom. Time to tell her about what I do in my spare time.

magazine 2012 craft

Stay Crochet,

Stephanie Toppin & Hooky McHookface




October 31st, 2011 § 2 Comments

"obey crochet" crochet yarnbombing

What is this crazy person trying to ninja off with?! An Obey Crochet Yarnbombing Kit! Say. What. You can breathe now. Okay, I am not hooking your yarny creations for you, period. Think of this kit more as your monkey assistant in your crafty vandalism. Yes, monkey. Craft monkey. Crochet craft monkey at large. Zip ties, stat! Crochet mask to conceal identity, stat! Rub on tat and button in case I get caught and at least the jail photo will be a bit more bad arse. (Please send me any of those photos please. Please!)

"obey crochet" yarnbombing crochet kit free

What is this for and where can I get it? First of all: it’s free. You know I like that word. Mega like.¬†Austin Craft Riot (formerly Etsy Austin)¬†is having a Holiday¬†Show of handmade crafty goodness November 12th & 13th and over the two day craftacular event the first few folks to get through the doors with receive free good bags. My two favorite does, Hola Dear Deer¬†have chipped in some free goodies as well and Farmecologie is in as well. I got my¬†hook to the ground people, but you’ll have to go to see what’s up! Word on the street there are 50 bags! You may have to beat¬†me there¬†because¬†I tackle for free awesomeness. I tackle hard.¬†Channel some early bird vibes and get some goods!

To recap: Austin Craft Riot – Austin, TX – Nov 12th & 13th- Crafty Goodies – Free – GET SOME!

I have been working hard. Drawing will commence as usual soon.

Stay Crochet,


P.S. Halloween awesomeness will also be shared!


October 4th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

Out sick for the past two days after fraternizing with¬†younglings.¬†Here is a round up¬†of what I’ve¬†been hooking at home for awhile now:¬†masks, monster feet, mole like creatures. See you soon once¬†I chisel the crust out of¬†my¬†eyes.
"obey crochet" yarn  craft



October 1st, 2011 § 1 Comment

"obey crochet" "stephanie toppin" crochet "i am a hooker"

Doused myself with sunscreen and crept out from the cave yesterday to finally do the assignment I assigned to you. There’s nothing like the last minute to help you get things done! I do not possess one of those¬†fancy interwebs¬†cameras so I¬†sniffed out a photobooth, the real kind, and three bucks and a few beers later, voila. I even¬†fluffed my¬†hair for you because I perhaps may partially sorta “care”. I know. You’re welcome.

So send me your face to show your crochet pride. Check out Hooktopia. Get with it!


September 13th, 2011 § 5 Comments

"obey crochet" "stephanie toppin"¬†So I thought I would visit the moms and we ended up taking some webcam picolas. Her hair tends to get in the way but someone sporting a hook shouldn’t talk. She’s the hooker that taught me everything I know and the eyebrow, well as you can see, it runs in the family.

Did your mom/grandma/dad/any member you recognize as linked to your being in some way teach you how to crochet?


September 12th, 2011 § 4 Comments

"obey crochet" craft hooker crochet
It’s like that thing¬†common people refer to as Christmas, but one bajillion times better squared. It’s Interional Crochet Day! What?! What?! We could hardly sleep because to us this is the total highlight of our very dull, but we keep telling ourselves “it is awesome” lives. Woah, too much venting there. The fellas at the Obey Crochet Manor got up extra early to tell you fine crafty crochet peeps…

"obey crochet" craft hooker crochet

Yes. Your requests and emails have not gone ignored. Thanks for flooding my inbox. No for real though, I met so many kick arse hookers and hope to meet more. Just use the handy button in the side bar now to access the new shop for all your hooker needs. There will be adds to the shop throughout the weeks, but we HAD TO open on International Crochet Day. Aren’t we romantical?

Are there no more free buttons?! If you were lucky enough to get some, you are one craft crocheting bastard. But wait…

"obey crochet" craft hooker crochet

No there are not free buttons, but you can get buttons at the shop. I like using my laundry money to buy stamps and send you stuff so we have a new free item: TEMPORARY TATTOOS. Say what?! I know. Just message me your address using the contact link and I will send you one per hooker. Be patient, it will get sent, I am a one hook show here and I keep making crochet monsters to help me, but they just end up eating my food and having parties. No slaves yet. Damn.

Pinky McPinkeye says…

crochet "obey crochet" hook craft

Do not think that for one micro second that this hooker has put down the pencil. Still doodlin’ to spread the gospel of hook to all those willing craft far and wide. Danke to the interwebs for that one.

Do you like my flags? Of course you do. You do. fabric&lines handmade them. Her shop is coming soon. She is one crafty chicklet.


September 8th, 2011 § 10 Comments

"obey crochet" doodle drawing hooker hook craft

Today, I vent, so if you choose to read some non-whining, go somwhere else. If you tend to be bitter or that friend who instigates and encourages anger, read on and comment too. I really believe in crochet, I do. I have lots of hobbies and I love craft but never have I met a people who are so second place. I am talking to you fellow hooker. Again and again and yes, you guessed it, today while at the craft store I shop at almost every day, someone looks over,

“Oh, my! So much yarn! What are you making?”

“A monster. One with big feet I think. Really excited.”

“I’ve always wanted to learn to knit!”

“Oh, I don’t knit. I crochet.”

[blank stare]

“It uses a hook instead of knitting needles to craft yarn into all sorts of things.”

“I’ve never heard of that. Could you teach someone to knit?”

“I don’t knit.”

“Oh not at all. Okay. Do they have those hooks here?”

“Yes. Crochet hooks are at all the craft stores. They are right over there.”

“Oh wow, very interesting. Crochet.”

“You should try it. I learned from YouTube.”

“I really want to learn to knit first I think. When are you going to learn knitting?”

[Insert silence here.]

“Here have a button. It’s a¬†hooker thing.”

Maybe I am over reacting just because I have had that conversation about 1,000 times. No I don’t have any knitting plans and that is just fine. I apologize on behalf of all the blank stares you have gotten and all the ones you will receive, but stay strong. We are all crafted equally. One day they will know, one day they will all know.

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