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"obey crochet" craft hook throat strangle doodle comic

Know your hook anatomy. Uh, I’m not completely sure that is how you strangle a hook, but I guess it might work. Maybe?


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"obey crochet" knitting needle hook craft

Have a crafty crochet weekend and fire up le grill. I will be in the throws of moving! I know! You can hear my sighs of distress through the computer screen. That is how I like it! So pour a cold one for me and let this weekend be over and done. Also, please restrain yourselves from sharing every spelling of bar-b-que.


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"obey crochet" craft hook poster mouth knitting

“Eats a knit eat crochet world”

This has been a looooong time coming and all the thanks goes out to Lindsey Keasler. She had emailed and I noticed this phrase pop up in her writing and instantly wrote it for post it on my wall (and asked Lindsey if I could do I doodle of it). Thanks for the inspiration and a chance to dust off the old realism skillz.

And to all those emails about my doodles, yes, I can actually draw.

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