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obey crochet drawing craft

I really try to stay organized. The key word is “try” here. I keep lists and post it notes litter my walls. My cell phone contains different list management and I am a pro at typing them in,  while getting to them, that is another process we are working on duiring this portion of my life. So, to the point! Yes. Someone, someone, someone emailed a request quite some time ago about a 9.0 mm. Get it?! Nice. The memory is hazy and the email is lost in the abyss of messages. Please refrain from spearing me with your hook. If you know who you are, comment here or message me and I will be glad to give you your well deserving shout out. Hopefully you have not giving up on me.

obey crochet hook craft

Also I just want to say a thank you to the donations that have come in, I have renewed the domain name with it and used part to update the hosting bill so woo! thanks for that! Hook on and if you have send something, look out for a little something from me in the mail.

Stay Crochet!

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