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obey crochet drawing

Hey, it’s Friday so this is what I leave you with on your weekend adventures at the craft store. You can’t unsee this. You. Can’t.


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obey crochet drawing

What?! I just wanted someone to make out with? So the buzz has been around this free, yes, FREE pattern from Nerdigurumi (check out the other free patterns when you are there!) and yes I am just as a tingle. Of course, I have made some slight adjustments to favor a handsome devil we all know and love (cough le cough), but yes, crocheting a crochet hook: Brilliant. Now if you could just close the door on your way out, that would be awesome. Thanks!


March 28th, 2012 § 3 Comments

Tax season is nigh and after some calculations and reveiwing this year’s cost, I have decided to add a donation button to the this website.

That is a good thing. It is a good thing because I had no idea this website would be so popular, that people find my corniness funny, and that free buttons are really, really popular. Really. But, I am still here, ready and more than willing to spread the crochet love.

So how much does it cost?

I will only do this annually, so sorry to bug, but here is the break down of cost. Yep, below is the bill…

What I do here, I offer on the daily for free. My biggest cost next to hosting is really postage, but I have not gotten all my receipts back, I am sure it is over $100.00 easy. I have kept the cost this low because I maintain and update the site personally. No smoke and mirrors folks, all Googling and coding.

So why keep doing it? Why keep drawing?

For the love of the hook. Duh. Why are you here?!

Why not get sponsors to advertise on the site?

This is a personal choice. No dis to folks who have ads, I can understand why you do, but for me, I would prefer not to. When you come here, this is for Obey Crochet. Not Yarn Barn (hey, that would be a catchy name) or Suzy Hook Face. It is simply for the joy and love of the hook and I would like to keep it that way. Nothing more. Nothing less. And I would not feel right backing a product that I could be running a llama-cat breeding facility in Antarctica. Wait. That would be awesome.

Why should we the people give you moola?

Have I given you a button? How about covering your postage? Have I given you a tattoo? How about giving $0.50 for the simple joy it brought to your life. How about paying me for a cup of coffee to keep me going at 2 a.m. just because I want to crack up my crochet peeps? Huh?

Down to the nitty gritty! Where is this donation button located?

Glad you asked and thank you in advanced! The donation button is located in the sidebar to the right allllll the waaaaay dooooown at the bottom of the page. Why so low? I did not want to be too in your face. No one likes begging. It’s there if you need it and you shouldn’t have to feel super guilty every time you come to the site to check out the free goods. And it is yellow. We like black and white here. Also if you donate, you get to see this awesome message and get a warm pudding feeling inside. I promise.

obey crochet craft

Thanks for the minute. Now back to the doodles!

Crochet all the way!


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obey crochet drawing hook

All day, every day. Word.


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obey crochet craft drawing

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you something.”

At times, a lot of time actually, a ray of sunshine I am not. Not that my life is particularyly terrible but I am not the following type of person:

A morning person

A wait in long line person

A sit in traffic person

A chatty person

A hang out in your cubicle person

An  athletic person

A perky person

A people person

The list goes on, but today I will spare you. I am not at all terrible (in my opinion) I just love and cherish my space. I come around, but it takes time. I am actually quite awesome and completely corny, but my pre-coffee 8am self could shoot the “Happy Monday!!!” person in the face. We all have our moments, perhaps I have more, but I like it and it is no where on the agenda to change. I’ll raise a hook and a cup of joe: Here’s to crabby mornings and the wonderful invention of headphones!


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obey crochet drawing


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obey crochet craft

As long as I can bring a smile on your face, Yarn, that is all that matters.

31/30: SPIDEYHOOK!!!

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obey crochet craft

If you don’t know, now you know. Mad skills ya’ll, mad skills.


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obey crochet craft

 30 drawings for 30 days is not over yet!

29/30: SO READY

March 19th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

drawing obey crochet craft

Okay, suited up and ready. Special sweaters are a must.

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