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"obey crochet" crochet drawing "wall street"

How about occupying some yarn or, better yet, buying yarn from a local craft store in your area? How about taking the handmade pledge and occupy some craft supplies this holiday season? or buying handmade gifts? How about turning off the tube and starting a hooker circle with friends and encouraging craft? What are the things you do to help your local economy? For the love o’ yarn people, visit the smaller yarn shops in your area and you’ll be surprised at all they have to offer.

Off the soap box for a tad second now. Where have I been?! Ten whole frickin’ days?!! Gasp! Call me nuts, I love the pen and paper, but I have been…crocheting. I know, shocker! I love me some hooker humor, folks, but I got a date with the softest skein of yarn you ever did fondle and some neglected projects that need some lovin’. I’ll be dodging in and out, trying to make updates, I these hands are hookin’ through the holidays.

Stay Crochet,


P.S. Still got free rub on tats peoples (message me!) and also Hooktopia ain’t gonna fill itself!

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