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"obey crochet" crochet yarnbombing

What is this crazy person trying to ninja off with?! An Obey Crochet Yarnbombing Kit! Say. What. You can breathe now. Okay, I am not hooking your yarny creations for you, period. Think of this kit more as your monkey assistant in your crafty vandalism. Yes, monkey. Craft monkey. Crochet craft monkey at large. Zip ties, stat! Crochet mask to conceal identity, stat! Rub on tat and button in case I get caught and at least the jail photo will be a bit more bad arse. (Please send me any of those photos please. Please!)

"obey crochet" yarnbombing crochet kit free

What is this for and where can I get it? First of all: it’s free. You know I like that word. Mega like. Austin Craft Riot (formerly Etsy Austin) is having a Holiday Show of handmade crafty goodness November 12th & 13th and over the two day craftacular event the first few folks to get through the doors with receive free good bags. My two favorite does, Hola Dear Deer have chipped in some free goodies as well and Farmecologie is in as well. I got my hook to the ground people, but you’ll have to go to see what’s up! Word on the street there are 50 bags! You may have to beat me there because I tackle for free awesomeness. I tackle hard. Channel some early bird vibes and get some goods!

To recap: Austin Craft Riot – Austin, TX – Nov 12th & 13th- Crafty Goodies – Free – GET SOME!

I have been working hard. Drawing will commence as usual soon.

Stay Crochet,


P.S. Halloween awesomeness will also be shared!


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"obey crochet" crochet drawing "wall street"

How about occupying some yarn or, better yet, buying yarn from a local craft store in your area? How about taking the handmade pledge and occupy some craft supplies this holiday season? or buying handmade gifts? How about turning off the tube and starting a hooker circle with friends and encouraging craft? What are the things you do to help your local economy? For the love o’ yarn people, visit the smaller yarn shops in your area and you’ll be surprised at all they have to offer.

Off the soap box for a tad second now. Where have I been?! Ten whole frickin’ days?!! Gasp! Call me nuts, I love the pen and paper, but I have been…crocheting. I know, shocker! I love me some hooker humor, folks, but I got a date with the softest skein of yarn you ever did fondle and some neglected projects that need some lovin’. I’ll be dodging in and out, trying to make updates, I these hands are hookin’ through the holidays.

Stay Crochet,


P.S. Still got free rub on tats peoples (message me!) and also Hooktopia ain’t gonna fill itself!


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"obey crochet" crochet drawing

Thank you, gracias, and danke to Fresh Stitches for examining hook anatomy and to Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts for the tip. So, hookoholics, in learning the vasssstttttt knowledge of crochet, what tips/skills/tricks/etc have you learned lately? Share the info, spread the hook.

Stay Crafty,


PS. Hooktopia needs an update people! Stat! Are you ashamed of handling the hook?! Well, represent! Now. Right, now.


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"obey crochet" crochet drawing


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Statistics show that 99% of all relationships end due to the couples costume conundrum. Sad, but devastatingly true.


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"obey crochet" crochet drawing

I will body check some yarn so hard. Brutal from birth.

On a less agressive and totally sunshine-and-rainbows note, happy I Love Yarn Day! Check out all the yarn loving on Craft’s Crochet Board.


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"obey Crochet" crochet craft charity

Crochet will change the world. I realized that as much as we, we meaning Hookers, tend to shuffle off to our caves completely content with yarn in hand and hook in the other, there are a lot of people doing some very incredibly good things with the knots they conjure. If you look in the side bar to the right (you’re other right) you’ll see a little pinned note of a few charities that have caught my eye: Krochet Kids, As Far As Eye Can See, Thinking of Japan While Knitting. The list is small, but I’m sure we can thaw out our supposedly existing hearts and either help the cause or share our own.

If you know of any charities involving crochet, please do share the goodness and earn your being some good old fashion karma.

PS: Hooktopia ain’t going to grow without you. How’s a proud enough hooker to represent!


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"obey crochet" crochet craft drawing

Oh, that Yarn, is a feisty one indeed with such coy pick up lines.


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"obey crochet" craft "rules everything around me" crochet

“Craft rules everything around me
C.R.E.A.M., get the hooks
Yarn, yarn balls ya’ll”


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"obey crochet" drawing crochet hook

“Hook my some skeins, brother.”

(I’m not sure what they’re saying most of the time.)

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