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Well, hello there. What hooker has two thumbs and is on the Craft blog today? Yep, that’s right, this Hooker. Word. Consider the retainer swallowed and the inhaler empty. The lack of oxygen has lead to four new doodles today and if you are new here feel free to take the mic and introduce yourself: “I am ____. I am a hooker and have been hooking for ____.” Any other info about your love of fried twinkies or long romantic waits in line at the craft shop is all up to you. Welcome to Hooktopia! Thanks for stopping by, HOOKS UNITE! HOOKS UP! Also thanks Halie and again, thanks Craft.

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§ 10 Responses to WILL HOOK FOR YARN

  • Michelle says:

    You? Are awesome.

    I am new here. I am a hooker and I have been hooking since forever. I think I was six when a neighbor lady taught me.

    I recently got sucked into sock knitting and feel kind of dirty about it, but I will grudgingly admit that my knitted socks are just … sockier … than my crocheted ones. *sigh*

    But mostly I’m addicted to thread crochet and will continue until my hands are permanent claws and my eyes can no longer see things that tiny.

  • It’s about time! Love ya!

  • Amber P says:

    My name is Amber and I am a hooker. Less than 2 years on the job so I still consider myself a rookie hooker. I resisted the urge to learn knitting for a long time but I did recently give in. I am happy to report though that it didn’t stick and I am still knit-free.
    I know you are anti-social but you should come to our crochet group sometime. We meet on Wednesday nights usually at a tea house on Fairview but sometimes at a Mexican place so email me if you want more info. You can find us on meetup. We’re lots of fun and a diverse group of weirdos.

    • Hooker says:

      Diverse groups of weirdos are my favorite kinds. Work usually has me working late but I don’t live far from there so I may have to change my ways and stop by. A Houston Hooker! Awesome!

  • Susan says:

    i am susan. i am a hooker and i have been hooking since i was 8 …in 1990.
    my SO always asks what i am knitting and i always respond loudly and proudly “I DON’T KNIT I CROCHET!”
    “im a hooker” is a far better and possibly much more memorable response.

  • Kelly says:

    Hi! My name is Kelly and I’m a hooker. I learned how to hook in college from my boyfriend’s best friend’s cheating ex-girlfriend. I lost interest and my “blanket” turned into a really long, fat scarf. I retaught myself how to handle the hook while I was pregnant a couple years ago (thank you YouTube) and I’ve been hookin ever since. I mostly make hats because that’s all my attention span will allow. I do the occasional headband or purse if a friend requests. It’s so GREAT to find your site through CRAFT (love them!). I feel like I’m the only hooker in town sometimes. I belong to a craft group, but they’re all knitters. Thank you for your amazing drawings!! I’m going to visit your shop now. Oooh Tattoos! Did I miss them?!!

  • […] all started with a print I bought from from Stephanie, the Head Hooker and mastermind behind Obey Crochet and the super […]

  • Mary says:

    Hi, I’ve been hooking since i taught myself when i was about 27. Im triing to sell some things on Etsy, because i hook so much that i couldnt possibly keep it all!!!
    i love this morphing cartoon “Just relax..” so cute!!!

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