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There was a request over on Ravelry for this doodle during an inline discussion on hooks. By the way, very informative! I modified it a bit, but take no credit for it at all. I usually refrain from doing request as I got my own lone hooker thing going, but kudos to Sarah, good one my crafty cohert. Good one, indeed. And just so you know, she’s MsBusyfingers on Rav. Oh la la, like that name! Obviously, I don’t feel comfortable with putting this in the store and Sarah if you message me, I would be happy to send it to you. Let me know!

"obey crochet" crocher hook craft drawing

I did end up doodling these dudes below, Inline in a Line, (I’m going to get this tote. Sorry, I’m corny and simple) because I was on a roll last night and I’ve been needing to catch up. Sitting on quite a few sketches and updating the store as well. Working on projects and using up ink. Getting it done!

"obey crochet" hook drawing crochet

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  • sarah aka msbusyfingers says:

    SQUEAL!!!! Whoo and Hooo and woohoo! Your comics are the coolest and this one dedicated to me?! All mine!!! Thank you so much for this – you have made my day ever so special! For most of it I was groveling in the dirt in some rich folks’ yard trying to make thier lawn more perfect… so a little hookin humor was just what the doctor ordered! I am so honored and tickled and floored. All I can say is
    I OBEY!
    Love Sarah

    • Hooker says:

      Wow, best news I have heard all day, I should really be thanking you! Send me your address at hooker @ so I can mail this baby to you! Glad to help a fellow hooker 😉 Stay crafty MsBusyfingers! I think you just thawed out this little black heart. 🙂

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