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"obey crochet" nas rapper craft crochet

Happy Birthday Nas! You have no idea the impact you have made on the crochet community. One can be powerful and make change one hook at a time.



I added the One Mic to DA JAMZ! page and check out the other tunes on the Hooker soundtrack.


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"obey crochet" "stephanie toppin" So I thought I would visit the moms and we ended up taking some webcam picolas. Her hair tends to get in the way but someone sporting a hook shouldn’t talk. She’s the hooker that taught me everything I know and the eyebrow, well as you can see, it runs in the family.

Did your mom/grandma/dad/any member you recognize as linked to your being in some way teach you how to crochet?


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"obey crochet" obey crochet craft yarn hook hooker throw up vomit beer party

This photo was taken some time in the wee hours of the morn and as far as this Hooker is concerned it is International Crochet (Hooker) Week!


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"obey crochet" obeycrochet hooker hook craft

So it may be 1p, but I just woke up. International Crochet (Hooker) Day was wild around here if you know what I mean. We hooked. Hard.


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"obey crochet" craft hooker crochet
It’s like that thing common people refer to as Christmas, but one bajillion times better squared. It’s Interional Crochet Day! What?! What?! We could hardly sleep because to us this is the total highlight of our very dull, but we keep telling ourselves “it is awesome” lives. Woah, too much venting there. The fellas at the Obey Crochet Manor got up extra early to tell you fine crafty crochet peeps…

"obey crochet" craft hooker crochet

Yes. Your requests and emails have not gone ignored. Thanks for flooding my inbox. No for real though, I met so many kick arse hookers and hope to meet more. Just use the handy button in the side bar now to access the new shop for all your hooker needs. There will be adds to the shop throughout the weeks, but we HAD TO open on International Crochet Day. Aren’t we romantical?

Are there no more free buttons?! If you were lucky enough to get some, you are one craft crocheting bastard. But wait…

"obey crochet" craft hooker crochet

No there are not free buttons, but you can get buttons at the shop. I like using my laundry money to buy stamps and send you stuff so we have a new free item: TEMPORARY TATTOOS. Say what?! I know. Just message me your address using the contact link and I will send you one per hooker. Be patient, it will get sent, I am a one hook show here and I keep making crochet monsters to help me, but they just end up eating my food and having parties. No slaves yet. Damn.

Pinky McPinkeye says…

crochet "obey crochet" hook craft

Do not think that for one micro second that this hooker has put down the pencil. Still doodlin’ to spread the gospel of hook to all those willing craft far and wide. Danke to the interwebs for that one.

Do you like my flags? Of course you do. You do. fabric&lines handmade them. Her shop is coming soon. She is one crafty chicklet.


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"obey crochet" obey crochet hooker craft drawing
We’ve been waiting for this day for some time now. Today is our day. On International Crochet Day we raise a hook high in the air and proclaim with conviction, “My name is [insert name here]. I am a hooker!” Legit. Today at the Obey Crochet headquarters we celebrate, shake it, eat ourselves into a coma, and drank. AND we crochet, preferably before the gluttonous merriment in case we fall asleep afterward. Watch out for another post later in the day (wink, wink).

So why do you love this fine craft of crochet with such fervor? Why would you rather be hookin’?


September 9th, 2011 § 2 Comments

"obey crochet" drawing

Oh yeaaah, when me and my yarn get together don’t wait up…


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"obey crochet" hooker hook craft drawing yarn doodle

He does this every time we craft. He really loves crochet. Really. I can’t take him any where. This is just out of control. Please don’t give him sugar. Please.


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"obey crochet" doodle drawing hooker hook craft

Today, I vent, so if you choose to read some non-whining, go somwhere else. If you tend to be bitter or that friend who instigates and encourages anger, read on and comment too. I really believe in crochet, I do. I have lots of hobbies and I love craft but never have I met a people who are so second place. I am talking to you fellow hooker. Again and again and yes, you guessed it, today while at the craft store I shop at almost every day, someone looks over,

“Oh, my! So much yarn! What are you making?”

“A monster. One with big feet I think. Really excited.”

“I’ve always wanted to learn to knit!”

“Oh, I don’t knit. I crochet.”

[blank stare]

“It uses a hook instead of knitting needles to craft yarn into all sorts of things.”

“I’ve never heard of that. Could you teach someone to knit?”

“I don’t knit.”

“Oh not at all. Okay. Do they have those hooks here?”

“Yes. Crochet hooks are at all the craft stores. They are right over there.”

“Oh wow, very interesting. Crochet.”

“You should try it. I learned from YouTube.”

“I really want to learn to knit first I think. When are you going to learn knitting?”

[Insert silence here.]

“Here have a button. It’s a hooker thing.”

Maybe I am over reacting just because I have had that conversation about 1,000 times. No I don’t have any knitting plans and that is just fine. I apologize on behalf of all the blank stares you have gotten and all the ones you will receive, but stay strong. We are all crafted equally. One day they will know, one day they will all know.


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"obey crochet" "screen saver" drawing winning print

It hit 10 pm and here we are and yes I take every possible opportunity to show off my screen saver. Deal. Be jealous.

The Random Number Generator says: 3

3 means Megan, @love_evol on Twitter. Email me Megan so I can mail you your wikkid, cool, chuffed, brutal, stupendous, baller, fantastic, frackful, epic, hip hop happenin’ print. Send me a picola when you get it up! And danke to all the crafty fools on Facebook for expanding my vocab. Word.

If you got beef, feel jipped, or complete outrage, make sure to not email me and take it up with the Random.org folks. If you still feel hurt, stick around. National Crochet Day (Sept 12th) is just around the corner and I gots plans. Oh, yes, plans. Plans of great and utter proportion that I am know hyping up to possibly result in some form of disappointment, therefore, I shut up.

Congrats Megan! Stay hooker!

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