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"obey crochet" drawing crochet knitting

Needles ain’t no joke when it comes to sticking together tighter than J-Lo’s jeans. If Kate had be this determined she could have thawed out Leo and ran around pointlessly for 10 more hours of Hollywood movie gold. I guess we lucked out.


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"obey crochet" drawing crochet

Hey. Words do hurt. [Tear. Sniffle] That was so uncalled for, but I know you’re not going to let him clown you like that?!


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"obey crochet" "stephanie toppin" "craft crochet

Over the weekend I busted out the ole astroknot suit and just thought I would pop on over to the Moon. Yep, that’s right, THE Moon. That’s how I’m living to spread hookery far and oh so extra wide. And on an added note, space breathing…weirdly addictive, no?

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"obey crochet" Update! I added on of these things to the sidebar and put it aaaaaall the way at the bottom. I got a few emails about subscribing yesterday etc so I Googled it. What did we do before the Google? I don’t use these so let me know if it works or not if you do. I draw and I only have faint dreams of webmasteressness so be patient my hooked ones.


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"obey crochet" "stephanie toppin" drawing

In hooker news, tunisian crochet has been the choice of buzz words this week. You can learn about this knit-equse not knitting, kind of like but sorta not really, mixed offspring technique here, but warning: you will probably need to explain yourself amongst skeptical hooker coherts. Read and know your craft peoples. Keep your hesitants as bay, I’ve checked ahead, it’s legit, but those double hooks are freaky though.


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"obey crochet" "stephanie toppin" craft crochet

Well, hello there. What hooker has two thumbs and is on the Craft blog today? Yep, that’s right, this Hooker. Word. Consider the retainer swallowed and the inhaler empty. The lack of oxygen has lead to four new doodles today and if you are new here feel free to take the mic and introduce yourself: “I am ____. I am a hooker and have been hooking for ____.” Any other info about your love of fried twinkies or long romantic waits in line at the craft shop is all up to you. Welcome to Hooktopia! Thanks for stopping by, HOOKS UNITE! HOOKS UP! Also thanks Halie and again, thanks Craft.


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"obey crochet" drawing craft "stephanie toppin"


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"obey crochet" crochet craft doodle drawing "stephanie toppin"

But Foolery ain’t got nothing on your crafty arse. When Tom Hookery and I get together, it is by far complete and utter craft maddness I tells ya. Craft. Mad. Ness.


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"obey crochet" obeycrochet deer doe drawing hooky

While listening to uber sophisticated public radio as I am sooo oh uber sophisticated as you all have come to know, the program was peppered with “crescendo” and all I could think of was crochet doe, crochet doe, crochet doe. Sorry public radio, your banter is second to hookery.


September 14th, 2011 § 5 Comments

"obey crochet" hook hooker craft drawing crochet hippo crocheting

Shhh! Look over there! Oh yes, the majestic Hookopotamus. Quietly as we observe the rare creature in the wild as it, yes ladies and gentlehooks, is crocheting. This is miraculous and, oh look how crafty she is. We’ll try to not to disturb this specimen while in the act of hooking. Please make sure to put away all knitting needle as she will charge very aggressively.

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