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Today, I vent, so if you choose to read some non-whining, go somwhere else. If you tend to be bitter or that friend who instigates and encourages anger, read on and comment too. I really believe in crochet, I do. I have lots of hobbies and I love craft but never have I met a people who are so second place. I am talking to you fellow hooker. Again and again and yes, you guessed it, today while at the craft store I shop at almost every day, someone looks over,

“Oh, my! So much yarn! What are you making?”

“A monster. One with big feet I think. Really excited.”

“I’ve always wanted to learn to knit!”

“Oh, I don’t knit. I crochet.”

[blank stare]

“It uses a hook instead of knitting needles to craft yarn into all sorts of things.”

“I’ve never heard of that. Could you teach someone to knit?”

“I don’t knit.”

“Oh not at all. Okay. Do they have those hooks here?”

“Yes. Crochet hooks are at all the craft stores. They are right over there.”

“Oh wow, very interesting. Crochet.”

“You should try it. I learned from YouTube.”

“I really want to learn to knit first I think. When are you going to learn knitting?”

[Insert silence here.]

“Here have a button. It’s a hooker thing.”

Maybe I am over reacting just because I have had that conversation about 1,000 times. No I don’t have any knitting plans and that is just fine. I apologize on behalf of all the blank stares you have gotten and all the ones you will receive, but stay strong. We are all crafted equally. One day they will know, one day they will all know.

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§ 10 Responses to GO HOOK YOURSELF

  • Jazz says:

    So sad but so true… To cheer you up, let me tell that near my house, just in downtown, there’s plenty of women crocheting everyday in the streets… Here some photos: http://mibruno.com/las-tejedoras/

    Have a nice day!

    • Hooker says:

      Cool! I hope to see something like that in my neighborhood one day. People need to craft more in general, crocheting would be awesome.

  • Kara Nutt says:

    The funny thing is, that the best cozy afgans are crocheted, not knit. I actually do both, but I prefer crochet, probably because I’ve been doing it since I was 7 and my grandma taught me. I love to learn new stitches and patterns. I taught myself to knit as an adult and have yet to complete a knitted project…. I’m so slow at it.
    I have at least 3-4 crochet projects going at once and carry any of them that are portable, i.e. not to big yet, around with me.
    I’m currently working on a diagonal stripped blanket. It’s pretty cool, here’s the Tutorial I found on Pinterest.

    Happy Hooking!

    • Hooker says:

      3-4 crochet projects at once! Woo! That is what I like to hear! Looking for some winter projects myself but the goal is to at least make one of my own patterns. Hooks crossed.

    • Amber in Albuquerque says:

      After knitting three afghans I have resolved that all future afghans in my house will be crocheted. Product is just as good in half the time.

  • Mim says:

    I like to crochet at bars, regularly, to give us crocheters some much needed publicity. “Why are you knitching in a bar?” I’ve been asked. Beer. Beer and football. I’m a hooker with needs!

  • Amber in Albuquerque says:

    I’m happily bi-craftual, but I have to say, I might have been tempted to just steer that person to the t-shirt paint or the rubber stamping stuff.

  • Sounds like someone I wouldn’t want to allow to have pointy sticks.

    I like knitting, I love my knitting-y friends, but I love crochet like there’s no tomorrow. My knitting friends are JEALOUS (yes, that’s right, jealous) of my mad crochet skillz. So, there, anyone who thinks knitting is so much better…be jealous. Maybe if you’re nice to me, I’ll teach you how to be a proper hooker…

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