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"obey crochet" "the police" crochet

Another lone hooker hit for DA JAMZ! page. I know you needles like bonding and what not, but I weild a rattan/wicker/shabby chic French racket with pure selfish only child rage. The kind of rage that I back with music from the Police. Don’t make me bust out my graduation gown or my angel wings. Exactly. Back. Up.


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"i am a hooker" crochet "obey crochet" photo gallery

I want to start a Hooktopia photo gallery, but I need you. That sounded weird. As much as this hooker hooks alone, crochet must unite!

Please find your assignment and head over to the new page here to check out all the info.

Show that hooker pride! I want your face! Now.


September 27th, 2011 § 3 Comments

There was a request over on Ravelry for this doodle during an inline discussion on hooks. By the way, very informative! I modified it a bit, but take no credit for it at all. I usually refrain from doing request as I got my own lone hooker thing going, but kudos to Sarah, good one my crafty cohert. Good one, indeed. And just so you know, she’s MsBusyfingers on Rav. Oh la la, like that name! Obviously, I don’t feel comfortable with putting this in the store and Sarah if you message me, I would be happy to send it to you. Let me know!

"obey crochet" crocher hook craft drawing

I did end up doodling these dudes below, Inline in a Line, (I’m going to get this tote. Sorry, I’m corny and simple) because I was on a roll last night and I’ve been needing to catch up. Sitting on quite a few sketches and updating the store as well. Working on projects and using up ink. Getting it done!

"obey crochet" hook drawing crochet


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"obey crochet" drawing doodle

Don’t worry, this guy is totally nice. And yes, the hand writing is a bit off center. Refrain from leaving snippy comments. That’s my job.


September 27th, 2011 § 2 Comments

"obey crochet" drawing crochet knitting needles hook
I love that movie! Hamburger!


September 27th, 2011 § 2 Comments

"obey crochet" crochet craft drawing

“Let’s be together forever!” “AHHHHHHH!”

It may be a little early but timing is not my strong point and I don’t feel like changing. You knew who I was when you met me. Thinking of scary Halloween costumes to freak out my friend and, apparently, I nailed it. “Hey, let’s hold hands! I’ll never leave! Let’s craft everything together all the time forever and ever and ever!!!!” I think I’m freaking myself out now.


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"obey crochet" drawing crochet doodle hook

Please do not stand so close to me so that I can smell, physically see, and perhaps even be repulsively sprayed with the stale remnants of your last night’s dinner. Do not embrace me, you are not my grandmother. Holding hands. Out of the question. Back up. Over there. A little further. Further.


September 26th, 2011 § 5 Comments

"obey crochet" crochet craft drawing skein yarn
I turn up the Skinny Puppy and dream of my future craft band/gang/crew, Skeinny Puppy. I have it all planned, due to my anal retentive nature. Then the thought of people and being in public and socializing kind of freaks me out (by “kind of”, I mean “completely”) so I check all the locks, huddle up in my crafty corner alone, and resume my normal breathing pattern. It may seem far fetched, but a hook can dabble in the common activity of “dreaming”. Skeinny Puppy would be intense. Mega intense.

I can’t show most of their videos for fear of someone possibly loosing their breakfast onto their keyboard, blowing up their computer, and blaming me. It happens.


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"obey crochet" crochet drawing

Nothing but! The innards of the pure building blocks of a hardcore hooker. Get with it.

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