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animation maker
Animation maker

Would you like something free? Yes. Do you like crochet? Yes. Do you like free crochet related things? Of course. Where are you going with this? You’re rambling. Okay. Leave a comment below by 10pm (Texas time!) on Wednesday September 7th and I will use one of those fancy random number generator thingys and pick a winner. Ramble, rant, rave, tell me what you would do to Edward (keep it PG-13) or how much you loooooooove crochet (I do.). Oh, yeah, the prize. The prize is a print (7.5″ x 5.5″ cardstock) of the drawing below. And all you have to do is LEAVE A COMMENT. That is all. Oh, yeah, and then if you win I will need your address. No, I am not going to visit you, I am going to mail your prize. No, I don’t need stamps, but thank you for asking. Why do I want to give you things? Because I am awesome. How dare you even ask. HOOKERS RULE!obey crochet "obey crochet" hooker craft drawing

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  • Kelley says:

    I would put him between my picture of Batman riding a robot unicorn (in an antique frame) and the portrait of my boyfriend and I riding unicorns.

    He’ll provide a nice contrast to the unicorns?

  • I am an artist with pen and pencil much more than I am an artist with fibers, but a friend taught me to crochet and I can actually do it! Knitting has always been too delicate and sewing too tedious; I can really go at it with crochet needles, though, and it doesn’t destroy the project!

  • Megan says:

    I love free. Specially free ninty free. And BONUS the free item is RAD! Crocheting isn’t a hobby it’s a life consuming yarn explosion that is my craft room. I would love to show Edward off in my cubicle with my other artsy fartsy items that no one understands but me! 🙂

  • dalsee g says:

    mr. hookhands will go in a frame, placed on the floor (that’s how I display my art) next to my tinyprints collection. love the blog…….oh and i love to crochet (& knit).

  • Norma says:

    OMG I love Edward Scissorhands almost as much as I love crocheting. So a print of Edward Hookhands… squeal!

  • Leyna says:

    Fucking sweet is all I have. Holy fucking sweet, maybe.

  • Jazz says:

    I would put Ed right by my side whenever I crochet, so he can inspire my amigurumis. Also, I love all your drawings!

  • Hookers of the world, unite!

  • Erin says:

    It’s true. Hookers rule. Also, I <3 Edward.

  • Whit says:

    OMG. I love this so hard. I would put it prominently in my craft room, except I don’t have real walls so it will just have to go in the living room!

  • Sylvie Hirst says:

    I LOVE Edward Scissorhands and I LOVE crochet. I LOVE edward Hookhands. I would LOVE to win.

  • monica lowe says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! EDWARD! OMG!!!!! I LURRRRRRRVE Edward!!! I can’t even begin to say what I would do with him. Aww, geez, the movie was one of my all-time epic loves when I was a younger, gothy-er punkster. I would decoupage a custom frame for him and HANG HIM PROMINENTLY!
    BTW, I love crochet. I’m a full-blown, snotty-custom-hook carrying crochet-lovin’ Hooker. I hook while I watch cool movies like, say, Edward Scissorhands. Or any other Tim Burton movie, for that matter. You know me as Craftwich on Twitter (or you should, people!)…you’ve been warned. 😉

  • Catlyn L. says:

    This print is amazing! It combines my huge love of Edward and crochet, nothing better! 😀 I already have an awesome spot picked out for him, Looking over my sewing machine and yarn stash!

  • Christine D says:

    Edward Hookhands would live in a frame by my craft table/cabinet by the dining area. I love crocheting, it is what I do to relax and take my mind off stressful things – which means I do it often. I do it so much that I’ve opened an etsy shop dedicated to my work and even a blog. I started crocheting when a roommate in college introduced me to the world of crocheting. It went on from there and I have been HOOKED ever since!

    Hookerz 4 Lyfe!

  • Jess says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Three of my favorite things in one 🙂 Original art, crochet hooks, and Johnny…er…Edward.

  • Lila Bassette says:

    I Looooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Crocheting. No! Really I do.I think Edward would have to go in the craft room right above my yarn stash. So he could protect it from the Yarn Robbers. Then he wouldn’t have to steal it from me. But if he tried to steal it he would have to face my Awesome Ninja Kitty! DA DA Daaaahhhhhhh!

  • I love hooking, yes I do. I love hooking and clearly you do too!

    Also, earlier today I was talking about putting hooks between my fisted fingers like Wolverene in case I was ever attacked. That’s kind of like Edward Hookhands. KIND OF.

  • Hooker says:

    Comments Closed!!

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