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Only Child

I think I am the person I am because of being an only child. Actually, I am who I am because I am an only child. Yes. Definitely. I spent many a day entertaining myself with craftiness destined to be my future. My mind is my ever evolving playmate and my imaginary friends still hang out. I prefer them over most people. They are dynamic, seriously.

Don’t call me selfish, call me self interested.

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§ 4 Responses to 16/30: ONLY CHILD SYNDROME

  • Jazz says:

    So true! I’m an only child too and it have been decisive for my life and crafts: I only crochet what I would like to have for myself.

  • Monica Lowe says:

    I’m an Only, too! Anything I make has to be run through the “Would I like it too?” filter first. 😉
    But, since I’m an awesome, fabulous person, I have excellent taste, and anything that passes my tests are wonderful. My parents STILL tell me so. 😉
    But hey, all that alone-time growing up just makes it THAT much easier to sit by myself and crochet. I don’t need someone to talk to (since the hubby watches TV) and I don’t need approvals, although I ask for an occasional opinion (whether I listen to it or not is another thing..).
    It all works out!

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