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Useful Things


I’ve carried this little scenario in my head for quite some time. Knitta friends (Yes, I have friends that knit. Actually most of them do.) mean well, but I have been told on several an occasion I should knit to learn how to make “practical” things like scarves. I have even be offered free knitting lessons and at one point I considered it. Then, I considered it. My interest in making a scarf is essentially nil. My interesting in making a dead brontosaurus is so great hopefully my enthusiasm will cause a resurrection among the dinosaurs.

Yes, yes, I know you can make other things that are knit, but the first craft book I picked up just happened to be an amigurumi book that was crochet. So I hopped onto YouTube, learned how to crochet and the rest is history, my crafty crew, history. Cute, creepy, scary and ridiculous were may initial attraction. It made me happy and happiness is very, very useful.

You can view a close up of the image here.

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§ 6 Responses to 1/30: USEFUL THINGS

  • Tiff says:

    I love this SO much. It is perfect, and WAY more useful than a scarf. I am really enjoying the obeycrochet drawings. And I still have 4 penexplosions on my wall.

  • Hooker says:

    Wow, thanks for still following me and my random meanderings through life. Would you care for some Obey Crochet buttons? Free! Message me! Oh and first comment [virtual high five]

  • I absolutely love and have to meet you someday OC. Please God, grant me more social time to crochet with cool people and travel as necessary.

    I don’t suppose you have crocheted anything computer related, have you??? I’m looking for a pic to feature.

    • Oooooo, or a cartoon involving a computer and hook. Seriously, let me know. I’m posting a computer tech article on Thursday and want to plug a fellow crochet artist by using it in a photo for the article. I’d love to plug your cartoons if you like. Backlinks and all. Let me know.

  • Hooker says:

    Fellow Texan, I will have to message you when I venture to Austin! It’s never long before I need to take a drive north. Computers huh? I have a little doodle I have not posted yet, will do it later tonight. Hope you like it.

    • Please do let me know when you are this way. We might get some CLF’ers together sometime next month. Not sure when. I wish I was already moved. 🙁

      I’ll look for your doodle then! I just want to be sure to get permission to use your photo on my site as a link to your site. Professional courtesy et all.

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