10&11/30: Teamo Ultimo & The Chunky Yarn Mirage

June 26th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

30 drawings every day for 30 days

Saturday? Saturday the only communication I had to the outside world was in person and via a phone. I know? How the hell did I survive? I brilliantly locked myself out of the apartment at 8:30a and did not get back in until 6p. I was soooooo awesome. You should have been there, I was all “bleep, bleep, bleeeeep, mother bleep, son of a bleep, what the bleep! I hate life.” Therefore, I took money I did not have and got yarn via this plastic card that helps you pay for things now and then makes you pay more for it later. Hells, yeah!

So here are Saturday’s and Sunday’s doodles. Have a good rest of the weekend. Don’t lock yourselves out of anywhere because if you didn’t know, it sucks. For real.

the ultimate team
Hook + Fuzzy Yarn + Lint Roller = Ain’t no stoppin us now!

i stand next to chunky yarn when im bloated
Chunky yarn don’t mind.

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